Monday, April 8, 2013

Tennis Court Wedding - {Canton, GA Wedding Photography}

Life has a way of throwing a lot of balls at us.  I think they're a little easier to handle when you're facing them with your best friend and soul mate.

This wedding was awesome.  These two sweethearts were fun.  As were their bridal party guys and gals.  There was an early morning tennis match.  And then a few games played in full tuxedos between the groom and his best man before we started throwing balls at just Alicia and Jonathan.  We went on a hike before the ceremony.  In full wedding attire.  That was fun, too.  

Can.  Not.  Wait.  To show you more.


  1. Can.Not.Wait. I have been waiting to see the fun.

    1. Courtney, this wedding was a blast. There was crazy-ness going down on the dance floor. I'm still going through all the images (almost 4100!) and can't wait to be able to share more with everyone...including my lovely bride and groom!


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